Professional Services

We offer the full spectrum of training, lessons, showing and of course, full service boarding.
Our programs can be tailored to your specific needs, just let us know what we can do for you.



Our lesson format allows each rider to progress at their own pace. We focus on creating a balanced position and clear communication with your horse to achieve riding goals with confidence.

Beginner Riders

Safety is always first with us. Students who are new  to riding learn how to handle, groom, and tack their horse proficiently as a solid foundation is created from the saddle.

Advanced Riders

For the advanced rider, we are dedicated to helping you hone your skills and refine your technique to best compliment your horse's natural attributes and overcome any weaknesses.

University of Puget Sound Riders

Our facility is home to the University of Puget Sound's riding program. University students learn about the care and maintenance needs of horses while having the opportunity to ride for college credits.

Our Training Philosophy

Training through patience and consistency is the best way to realize your horse's true potential. From groundwork to carrying their first rider, young horses in training are brought along with a foundation of support and encouragement enabling them to become confident, dependable equine partners.

Horses beyond basic training work on advancing their natural talents, learning to recognize and respond to more subtle forms of communication as well as strengthening any weaknesses.

Our seasoned school masters are well respected for their achievements and enjoy a lifestyle that keeps their skills sharp. This ensures that they stay physically and mentally fit.

Our ultimate goal is to discover the thrill of the harmony that is created between horses and riders, moving in balance and communicating as one.


We are here to make sure that your horse is happy, comfortable, and healthy from the inside out. We carry a variety of quality feeds, assuring your horse's nutritional needs are met. Owner supplied supplements are fed at no charge as well as any veterinarian prescribed medications. Our spacious, well lit stalls are matted and picked throughout the day. Horses are hand watered and turned out daily. Blankets and fly masks are changed as necessary with the weather.

Our extended staff of equine professionals are scheduled regularly to maintain your horse at their best from their hooves to their heart.  Each horse is attended during appointments, ensuring the experience is a positive one. A comfortable tack room with large personal lockers is available to store tack and equipment. The enclosed wash rack is complete with hot and cold water for your horse's bathing needs.

Rates For Professional Services

Below are our rates for the services that we offer at our facility. If you have any questions about customizing a training package or joining us at an upcoming show, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more details. 

Boarding - $550/month
Full training (just horse) - $950/month
Full training (lessons included) - $1,150/month
Lessons - $45
Shows Rates
• Travel and tack room expenses are split equally between competitors.
• Horses in full training receive discounted day fees.